Seminar Topics for 2017

Make 2017 a Record Setting Year!

Why is it that SOME agents have spectacular success while the majority seems to struggle? Two primary reasons: One, they PLAN; Two CONSISTENCY. This program is based upon that belief. You will be introduced to a 12 week timeline that ensures success! A week by week formula is provided that recommends specific activities, events, calls and technology.  You will not only be introduced to these activities, but shown many examples of agents using these tools today. Get ready to take notes-- the MOST SPECIFIC program you´ll ever see!  Take the guesswork out of success.

Launching Your Real Estate Career

A program designed for agents less than two years in the business and those struggling to gain consistency. This program is known for its "specific direction" to building a successful career.


From Success To Super Stardom!

For those agents who are already successful, but want to reach the next level of production. Increase sales volume while learning specific ideas to work more efficiently.  See many current examples of agents using these very ideas throughout North America.

Managing The Agent Of Today Has Changed - Have You?

Of all the changes in the real estate industry that have taken place in the past few years, perhaps the biggest change is in the way we manage today's agents!  With more agents working at home, increased technological knowledge, higher expectations placed on managers and other factors; managing agents in today's market takes on an entirely new dimension.  Discover how to "influence" your agents to greater production, create more of a team mentality, increase their support of management and more!

All programs may be presented in a format of 90 minutes to 3 hours.