• There are Proven Methods of Success

    And YOU deserve to know what they are!

Rick DeLuca Seminars

"My career has shown me that the majority of people in business have genuine desire and motivation to succeed. What they lack is specific direction. Almost everyone in my audiences has said my ideas were among the most down-to-earth and valuable they had ever heard. I believe your group will say the same thing. If your prime consideration is to achieve increased production and efficiency, then I sincerely hope you consider hiring me. A program for the new Millennium needs to offer fresh, new ideas that challenge the participant to work smarter, not harder. Real estate has changed dramatically and the ideas offered must change too. My philosophy of a great program is to offer so many ideas, staying away from stories, jokes, etc., that everyone leaves with a handful of things they can actually use in their market place. There are proven methods of success and you deserve to know what they are!"


Sales Experience:

Rick's sales career has been phenomenal! In 1976 he entered the real estate industry. That same year he had 42 sales and he became a multi-million dollar salesman every year thereafter. Rick averaged nearly 200 sales per year to earn Salesman of the Year honors with a record of 292 transactions!


Management Experience:

After less than five years in real estate, Rick bought the company he worked for and built it from 40 agents to 193 agents! While increasing the size of his company, Rick shared his system of success with his agents. It obviously worked. Although 80% of his agents were hired as new licensees, they achieved national recognition for production. While the national average for agent production is approximately one closing per month, Rick's agents closed four per month!


Instructor Qualifications:

Rick was one of only two trainers selected by the National Association of Realtors to conduct their Instructor Development Workshops (IDW's). He has also conducted IDW's for many state associations since 1984. As the author of Speech Smarts: How to Become a Dynamic Speaker, published in 1991, Rick has now put into print many of his teaching techniques. He has been a featured speaker at the 1988, '89, '90, '92, & '96 NAR National Conventions on "How To Become A Dynamic Speaker!" Rick has been a senior instructor for the Realtors National Marketing Institute since 1982 and was nominated National Trainer of the Year for NAR in 1989.


Realtor Accomplishments:

Rick was recognized as Reno's Salesman Of The Year and Nevada's Realtor Of The Year. He was voted National President of the Certified Residential Specialists, CRS Council, in 1988 and President of the Realtors National Marketing Institute, RNMI in 1992.


Why Rick DeLuca?

Rick blends his proven teaching ability with a sense of real world ideas that audiences greatly appreciate. Not just a speaker, Rick has been out there on the firing line just like his peers. That may be why his system of success has helped so many real estate professionals increase their production and overall efficiency.  Ricks number one rule is "Teach them the way I used to like listening to them."